Captured: The Taliban's Version of Events

Sami Yousafzai interviewed members of the Taliban who were involved in Bergdahl's capture. His sources said that in order to evade the U.S. Army, the group moved away from Pakistan at first, before finally taking Bergdahl across the border into Waziristan. This map shows the general route they told Yousafzai they took.

  • 1 Hilal, a Taliban fighter, said he and others took Bergdahl to a mosque in Mest.
  • 2 They then took Bergdahl to Yosuf Khel district, to meet Qari Ismael Sulemanzai, a Taliban commander with links to the Haqqani Network.
  • 3 The group thought U.S. forces would look for Bergdahl near the Pakistan border, so they moved in the opposite direction, to Ghazni, where Rahman guided them around.
  • 4 After several days on the move, they traveled east toward Pakistan. They said at one point they traveled near to FOB Sharana.
  • 5 Some news reports noted the convoy entered Pakistan near Angoor Adda.
  • 6 Bergdahl was likely held in several different locations in North and South Waziristan, including in and near Miran Shah, Shawal, and Wana.
International Mapping. Source: Reporting, including interviews with Taliban sources, by Sami Yousafzai; Reuters; Natural Earth; AIMS; NASA; NGA; USGS/EROS.

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