Who, What, When

Hae goes missing after school.
Jan. 13
A guy stopping to take a leak in a city park finds Hae's body in the woods.
Feb. 9
An anonymous caller tells police to look at Adnan as a suspect.
Feb. 12
Detectives subpoena Adnan's cell phone records.
Feb. 18
Detectives talk to Jenn. She says she doesn't know anything.
Feb. 26
Jenn goes back to the detectives. She says Jay told her that Adnan killed Hae.
Feb. 27
Jay's first interview with detectives. He tells them Adnan showed him Hae's body. He leads them to Hae's car.
Adnan is arrested.
Feb. 28
Jay's second interview with detectives.
Mar. 15
Jay's third interview with detectives.
Mar. 18
Jay's fourth interview with detectives.
Apr. 13
Jay signs an agreement pleading guilty to accessory after the fact of the first degree murder of Hae Min Lee.
Sep. 7
Adnan's first trial begins.
Dec. 8
The judge declares a mistrial.
Dec. 15
Adnan's second trial begins.
Jan. 10
Adnan is convicted of first degree murder.
Feb. 25
Adnan is sentenced to life plus 30 years.
Jun. 6

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