Oct 3 2014

Asia's letters

By Dana Chivvis

Asia's first letter to Adnan, March 1, 1999

Asia’s letters give a small glimpse into Woodlawn High School in the days after Adnan’s arrest. Most people we talked to in the last year - former students and teachers - have a hazy memory of those months. But Asia writes about a school divided over whether or not Adnan is guilty. One teacher tells a group of students that the police wouldn’t have just arrested him on a whim. And, “White girl Stacie just mentioned that she thinks you did it. Something about your fibers on Hae’s body…” But his friends are sticking up for Adnan, telling Asia he’s innocent. She sees “Emron” (probably Adnan’s friend Imran) and says that “he looked like crap.” She concludes that most people think he's innocent. The ones who think he’s guilty are “the ignorant (and some underclassmen).” Although, to be fair, she’s kind of on the fence herself.

You can read through Asia's letters and her affidavit in the Maps, Photos, Etc. section.

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