Oct 10 2014

Evidence Map

By Dana Chivvis

Map of the gravesite and the locations where the police found evidence. The key is hard to read, so we circled the evidence and added some annotations explaining what each object is.

This is a map of the gravesite in Leakin Park and of the places where the police found evidence. The straight line that runs diagonally through the center of the map shows the distance from the road to the place where Hae’s body was found. The splotchy-looking things are trees. The dotted rectangle at the top is the pull-off, where they found a bunch of shell casings and made a tire impression cast. The condom and condom wrapper were just down the road from the pull-off, and across the street is where they picked up two Blockbuster cases and some more shell casings. So, the only evidence they collected from near Hae’s body was a rope, a liquor bottle and a feather. But they did find three additional pieces of evidence on and underneath her body: a piece of human hair and two fibers. More on that later.

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