Oct 23 2014

Maps and Logs

By Dana Chivvis

We’ve added two graphics to the site today that might be helpful as you listen to the rest of the season, although they’re especially relevant to Episode 5. The first is a map, which shows key locations in the story, some of which you’ll hear about in today’s episode. On the map you can roll over the pins and towers to see more information.

The other is the call log from Adnan’s cell phone on January 13th, 1999. Adnan got his cell phone two days before Hae went missing, on January 11th. As Sarah said in Episode 4, the detectives used this call log - listing the times of calls and cell tower locations - to map the crime and corroborate Jay’s story. And if there’s one document in this investigation that’s become our bible as we muddle through this case, it’s this one. Sarah, Julie and I each have a copy of this call log on our desk at all times. Just a note to help you navigate the calls, Jay testified to making the ones to Jenn, Patrick and Phil.

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