Listening Guide

If you're new to Season Two of Serial, or if you're listening again, here's a guide to the maps, videos, graphics, and documents that accompany each episode. ... Read More


How the Art Comes Together

All art and animations by Carl Burton

A behind-the-scenes look at how artist Carl Burton visualized a season. ... Read More


Delete. Delete.

As details of Bowe Bergdahl’s release and capture surfaced, people suddenly seemed unsure how they were supposed to feel about the whole thing. You can see evidence of the public confusion on Twitter.  ... Read More


An Active Case—Bowe Bergdahl’s Legal Situation

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and his lawyer Eugene Fidell watched as Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl was questioned during the Article 32 hearing on Sept. 18.

Associated Press/Brigitte Woosley

The army announced today that it is referring Bowe Bergdahl’s case to a general court-martial, the military’s version of a felony criminal trial. ... Read More


The Plan

Bowe Bergdahl said he wanted to leave his outpost, OP Mest, at night and run—or at least walk—to his base at FOB Sharana. As Sarah said in Episode 01, this plan is technically feasible. The distance is about 20 miles. He figured he’d make it there in 24 hours or so. At the time, Bergdahl was a good runner, and he was used to high altitudes from growing up in Idaho.

But we were curious about what this walk would be like. What obstacles would someone face? ... Read More



Hello, everyone. We’re back. Yes, at last! We’ve launched Season Two. ... Read More

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